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Seriously, just random thoughts of your everyday, not-so-normal culinarian and chef...Food most likely involved... Thanks for checking it out!!!

By chefalchemy82, Jan 23 2015 05:19AM

I believe in the Most High and the gifts given to man as a way to heal our bodies and nourish ourselves. In my life experiences and self-imposed education on the matter of the human body and "superfoods" that are known to improve certain conditions, I have come across the suggestion of coconuts and their oil. I have diabetes and have been encouraged for years to find a natural treatment for this autoimmune condition. Well, I may have found one of the parts of the equation. Coconuts have long been a part of the tropical diet and recent studies are finding links to the fruit's ability to heal and nourish the body, even on the most microscopic of levels. And, IT TASTES SO GOOD!!!!

Feel free to click the links below to find out more information about this great food and it's benefits:

10 Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Oil -

WebMD -

Check those sites out, Then do your own research and find out how Coconut can help you.

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