Personal Chefs and Culinary Pros


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Personal/Private Chef/Catering Pricing Schedule

and Description of Services


Initial Consultation & Needs Assessment

A one-hour consultation and "food preference interview" (preferably in the client's kitchen) is provided to see how we can best suit your needs. Consultations are billed at $20 per hour. After Service is agreed upon, this charge is then waived.


Food Cost

Food cost is determined by your menu selections. Grocery receipts are provided each service day, along with a detailed invoice of services provided. Food cost is separate from service cost. Both food and service cost are due at the time of service.

*A $200 deposit to purchase ingredients is required at the time of reservations.


Chef Services

Personal/Private Chef Cooking Day Rate

This is where fresh meals for the week are prepared in your home on one day. This rate is determined by your services and can range between $100 - $400 per day, and/or approximate number of entrees you

choose (plus food cost). Please call to schedule a consultation. Once your service needs are determined and a meal plan is selected we can better approximate the day rate. The day rate may fluctuate with each cook date/menu prepared.



Catering costs are heavily dependent on your menu selections, preferences and/or exactguest head count. But generally it can be broken down by the amount of prep time each dish will take for each guest. Please view our sample menus and contact us to help decide your

customized menu choices.


Special Services

In addition to personal chefs, we offer additional services. Therefore, we offer our Chef and other services at an hourly rate:


Basic Chef Services (kitchen organizing, etc) = $45 / hour + Food Cost (minimum of 3 hours)


Cooking Lessons = $60 / hour + Food Cost (average 3 - 4 hours)


Dinner Party Prep = $60/ hour + Food Cost (minimum of 3 hours

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